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Americable facilities electrical upgrade - Iwakuni (28 June 2017)
Posted by Ryan Barnard on 26 June 2017 09:09 AM

Dear Customers,                                                                      


Americable will be upgrading our electrical circuits as part of a future plan for new and improved Internet Services.  In order to complete this upgrade, building 370 (AFN MCAS Iwakuni), will need to have the power turned off for the entire building which will cause a Television, Internet and Radio outage.  Due to the routing of the Internet Service, Sasebo will also be affected by this outage.


Due to the complexity involved with turning off the power and the affect it will have on both Americable and AFN Services we are not able to do this on the off hours of the middle of the morning.


Maintenance type:

Electrical Upgrades


Services Affected:

Television and Internet


Time Frame  for Americable Internet and Digital Television (MCAS Iwakuni):

Start:  28 Jun 2017, Wednesday 0700 JST

End:    28 Jun 2017, Wednesday 0830 JST


Time Frame  for AFN Free Military Tier and Radio Services (MCAS Iwakuni):

Start:  28 Jun 2017, Wednesday 0500 JST

End:    28 Jun 2017, Wednesday 1000 JST


Time Frame  for Internet Only (Sasebo):

Start:  28 Jun 2017, Wednesday 0700 JST

End:    28 Jun 2017, Wednesday 0830 JST



Affected Customers: ALL



Customers will experience an interruption of Internet and Television service at MCAS Iwakuni and Internet Only at Sasebo during this maintenance.  Please do not adjust your computer equipment settings or reprogram your TV during this period.


We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.  If you have any questions about this outage please call 241-2288 and press 2 during the recording.



Americable Intl Japan, Inc.

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Americable Wifi Locations - Yokosuka, Iwakuni, Atsugi and Sasebo
Posted by Brad Shows on 22 April 2016 03:39 PM

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Americable Vacation/Deployment Service Suspension Policy
Posted by System Administrator on 01 June 2012 05:12 PM

Date: June 1, 2012

To: Americable Customer Base

SUBJ: Americable Vacation/Deployment Service Suspension Policy

Americable is pleased to announce our Vacation/Deployment Service Suspension Policy to better service our subscribers who desire to suspend their services while on deployment or vacation.

Subscribers who would like to suspend their services while they deploy or go on vacation, no longer have to place large deposits on the equipment in their homes to suspend their account or disconnect everything and bring the equipment into our offices. Simply notify the Tech Support Staff at 241-2288 (046-896-2288 from your cell phone) and select option 2, or contact your local Americable Office via phone or email ( to suspend your service. We will then suspend your account for a $4.95 per month Service Administration Fee and the monthly rental fee on whatever Cable Boxes you have in your home (No fee for Cable Modem).

This will allow those of you who have programming recorded on your Cable Box to retain that box in your home while you are away and upon your return finish viewing your recorded content. Once you know your return date, again simply contact us with that information and all your services will be active when you walk back in the door.

In order to qualify for this service you must be a current Auto Credit Card Debit customer with at least 6 months remaining on your Credit Card on file with your account in good standing and plan to be away for at least two weeks.

If you would like to return your equipment and turn off services, please bring the equipment into the office so we can close your account; however, a $15 Reconnect Fee may apply if you decide to reactivate your account. Effective July 1st, 2012, we will no longer accept deposits on the equipment as a means of suspending the account.

Please remember when emailing to provide your name, acct #, address and the effective date for your suspension and/or reactivation. Go to Americable Vacation & Deployment Service Suspension Policy to view the full policy.

James A. Smith, II
Regional Manger
Americable Intl Japan, Inc.

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